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Carp Leads

Within Carp Leads group of products, we are offering the whole range of models and sizes intended for different conditions on the water. Variety of shapes and weights enables use in almost all situations (lakes or running waters, extreme castings, feeder method...), and guarantees stable flight and non-tangle of rigs.

All Carp Leads are coated with thin, top-quality plastic in natural decor. During strokes, thin plastic layer changes shape together with the lead. Impossibility of oxidation makes them environmental-friendly.

We are sure that numerous models will fulfill the needs of even the most demanded fishermen.

Swivel Leads

Swivel Arrow
Carp Leads - Swivel Arrow
TV40 40g
TV60 60g
TV80 80g
TV100 100g
Flat Swivel Pear
Carp Leads - Flat Swivel Pear
SSV50 50g
SSV70 70g
SSV90 90g
SSV110 110g
New Swivel Long Cast
Carp Leads - Swivel Long Cast
NVV55 55g
NVV75 75g
NVV95 95g
NVV115 115g
Swivel Ball
Olovo za Ribolov - Swivel Ball
KV65 65g
KV85 85g
KV105 105g
KV125 125g
KV145 145g
KV175 175g
KV205 205g
Swivel Long Cast PV
Carp Leads - Swivel Long Cast PV
PV60 60g
PV80 80g
PV100 100g
PV120 120g
PV140 140g
Extra Heavy
Carp Leads - Extra Heavy
XH60 60g
XH80 80g
XH100 100g
XH120 120g
XH150 150g
XH180 180g
XH210 210g
XH250 250g

Leads With Hard Tube (hard tube 30cm.)

Carp Leads - Arrow
TC40 40g
TC60 60g
TC80 80g
TC100 100g
Long Cast Hard Tube
Carp Leads - Long Cast
VC40 40g
VC60 60g
VC80 80g
VC100 100g
VC120 120g

"In Line" Leads

Flatliner Pear
Carp Leads - Flatliner Pear
FP50 50g
FP70 70g
FP90 90g
FP110 110g
FP130 130g
Long Cast
Carp Leads - Long Cast
LC40 40g
LC60 60g
LC75 75g
LC90 90g
LC105 105g
LC120 120g

Extra Leads

Ultra Cast
Carp Leads - Ultra Cast
UC50 50g
UC70 70g
UC90 90g
UC110 110g
UC130 130g
Feeder Lead
Carp Leads - Feeder Lead
FL50+ 50g
FL75+ 75g
FL100+ 100g
Carp Leads - Eccentric
EC40 40g
EC60 60g
EC80 80g
EC100 100g
EC120 120g
Marker Lead
Carp Leads - Marker Lead
ML95 95g
ML115 115g
Carp Leads - Heli-Zip
HZ80 80g
HZ100 100g
HZ120 120g
Long Distance
Carp Leads - Long Distance
LD65 65g
LD75 75g
LD85 85g
LD95 95g
LD105 105g
LD115 115g
LD125 125g
LD135 135g
LD145 145g

Leads for all fishermen (without plastic coating)

Carp Leads - Pear
PE10 10g
PE20 20g
PE30 30g
PE40 40g
PE50 50g
Carp Leads - Stick
ST20 20g
ST30 30g
ST40 40g
ST50 50g
ST60 60g
Simple Leads for All Fishermen
Carp Leads - Simple Leads for All Fishermen
OD20 20g
OD25 25g
OD30 30g
OD40 40g
OD50 50g
OD60 60g
OD80 80g
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