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Carp Lakes - Reports from Top Carp Fishing Destinations

Lake Garaši

Fishing Lake - Lake Garaši - LandscapeGaraši reservoir was created in 1976. , Raising 400m long earthen dam , which was built in the water- Grip Bukuljice River basin and its four tributaries . At maximum level, has an area of 75ha and then accumulates about 6.5 million m3 of water, which is used for water vac and surrounding smaller places . With an average depth of 8.5 m and a maximum of 26m , belongs to the middle of deep reservoirs. The lake has an interesting geographical location , it is situated on the border between the Pannonian Plain and the mountains of central Serbia . It also has a specific micro climate , which is characterized by average temperatures by 3 - 5oC lower than the environment , as well as extremely high barometric pressure , which in the days of anticyclones could reach 1060mbar . at an altitude of only 300 meters . There is also a boundary košavskog areas, except kosava which is most common in autumn and winter , is dominated by the southwest wind, which is interesting for Carp , because it usually brings a good catch and fall of the barometer . The shores of the lake are very jagged , with three great tributaries and numerous small coves and bays , making very reminiscent of the famous French accumulation St . Casien.

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My Africa (II) - Marocco

Last year I broke my record for most spent days and nights in carp fishing. In various waters around the world have even hunted 107 days. Three times I was in France, two in Morocco, one in South Africa and Russia, and I was hunting in Croatia. In that year, I passed more than ten world's most famous water. By far the finest fishing I had at the end of the year, precisely in November at Lake Bin El Ouidane in Morocco...

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In Search for Big Carp

Carp Lake - Lake BledNatural pearl, glacier origin, crystal transparency, which reaches 10 meters. Slovenia's tourist treasure the landscapes of breathtaking and the mountain peaks covered with snow. Tito Villa is not in vain here, as well as presidential residence for holidays - but we, the relatives, mostly occupied by the following: a large population of carp with a significant number of head over 20 kg. And all this on some 200 ha of water surface.
Lake Bled bought me a long time - and you? We'll see after the text.

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Carp Lake - Lika River (Lake Kruščica)

Miracle of Lika

Carp Lake - Lake Kruščica - LandscapeWelcomed. Here's quick to tell you a fishing adventure in which I odlovio 10.mjesecu the wondfierful Rjeka Leakey. As I was one time this year, already hunted on this water and I know that is very Težka and that you know chub totally broken, I have now decided to go in the 10th month and with totally different fishing taktiko.U first 4 nights I got over 60 chub and three small carp and last night the first of Licko Divjaka full 13.5 pounds and now I just had in my head, this time over 15 + AN and it is. The first time I took with it about 20 pounds Boyle, 20mm-24mm, a couple pounds Tiger and little shoes and of course pelete.I when I pull crto last day I saw that I was totally wrong tactics and to me for food killed and tiny white fish This time I decided to take with you 20kila 24mm Boyle which were based on bird food and 20kila 30mm Boyle, which were the fish mix, 10 pounds of black Taiger nuts.

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Carp Lake - Kongfisher Lake

The old folk wisdom says: "Whatever worked the first time is the hardest." And believe me, there is something in it. When I was at the end of May last year along with my friend Željko Capan first started fishing in France, I must admit I was a bit lost. I never went to his car in such a long way, I did not know where to go or what to me on the water where I come to check. What to bring, how to prepare? We went with two cars ... However, France was a major challenge for the first time I liked so I decided to go again ...

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Slivniško Lake

Carp Lake - Lake SlivniškoOnce I have every joint fishing with Matjaz Slivniškom heard about the lake, I finally got a chance to go there to fish seven days.

Slivniško Lake is a reservoir created in 1976, area of 85ha, 5km in length and width of 500 meters. It is located near the site Šentjurj twenty kilometers from the Croatian-Slovenian border at Krapina. In addition to abundant carp lake and surrounded by beautiful scenery, which is why I was attracted to this water. In order to protect fish stocks in Lake night fishing is allowed only in five different lengths of marked boards. Because of this regime is perfectly preserved fish stocks, and most fish has never seen or hook. Fishing permit is obtained at a few places near the water and its price is 15 euros for the day and 15 euros for night fishing.

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Superior Challenge - Saint Cassien Lake

Saint Cassien

Carp Lake - Lake St CassienThe December tour with Yuri and Capan was agreed in August is in Samara (Russia), where we had the honor to receive a party invitation to the prestigious Russian masters call which gathers some 15 top Russian team. I am looking forward to pre-meeting with friends and the final challenge for the end of the season-hunting on the legendary St. Cassien. Lake victim's 365 days a year and mainly of those most famous, most determined and courageous. Ready for a challenge to sell an old stunt that leaves the majority of tricks already seen and knows them well. Many have felt the bitterness right there, hunting for a month without a catch, but also a chance to exceed the magical 30 kg.

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