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Carp Lake - Slivniško Lake

Carp Lake - Lake SlivniškoOnce I have every joint fishing with Matjaz Slivniškom heard about the lake, I finally got a chance to go there to fish seven days.

Slivniško Lake is a reservoir created in 1976, area of 85ha, 5km in length and width of 500 meters. It is located near the site Šentjurj twenty kilometers from the Croatian-Slovenian border at Krapina. In addition to abundant carp lake and surrounded by beautiful scenery, which is why I was attracted to this water. In order to protect fish stocks in Lake night fishing is allowed only in five different lengths of marked boards. Because of this regime is perfectly preserved fish stocks, and most fish has never seen or hook. Fishing permit is obtained at a few places near the water and its price is 15 euros for the day and 15 euros for night fishing.

After I finished the Finzula fishing on Sunday morning, I went home for things to Fram and made the trip. For an hour and a half coming to the water where I was already waiting and Matjaz Hof who arrived in the morning to take a position. I took the position only was the problem, which really is not any room for me, let alone to my tent. Matjaz we proposed that the hunt for a position ten yards from them, but we'll just have to "slightly" to expand. I do not quite understand what he is talking, for a hundred meters around them did not see anything except trees. Generally thought to hunt in a position where it could be some spinach with a staff of 1.8m to toss fists, and it should be down-climbing equipment. One position where I wanted to catch was within walking distance of 150 meters, and it was a problem because we had a boat. The pair have already raised the whole camp and made feeding stations so that they did not want to move to another position. It is not nothing left but take a shovel and axes, and edit this position in the forest. After six hours of the position was somewhat arranged to be able to set up two sticks and drilati. Although I had brought two sets of rods, both were of 13ft so I had to zabacivati squatting.

When it was all over I went soniranje. In front of this position in this part of the lake there were no branches, and the stream bed we went to a few feet from shore. Before me there were no significant changes of depth so I put the first feeding of some fifty yards, where she was a step of 30cm. The second feeding point I made to the left of themselves, some twenty meters, the slope of the bed 3-4 meters from the shore. As this is a brand new position from which he never hunted I knew that the first few days of fishing to be weaker, while the fish are not accustomed to and begins to come to a feeding.

If I had permission from Monday morning to Saturday, Sunday I just prihranio position. When it was all over at last we could relax and dine. Nothing happened until 22:15 when zapištio Hofov indicator. The fish is fighting mad, as we talked to the local fish. After a twenty minute drill, and the fish have not even seen Hof is assumed that the fish has certainly fifteen pounds. Only after ten lunge manage usačiti fish. Fish has had almost half of the nominal weight or 7.400kg. We could not believe that so long as she struggled not see the fins. All sorts of shapes and sizes of fins and fish I have ever seen, but this was just incredible. Fins were its huge, its pectoral fins was a big 22cm. It is actually seemed funny, it looked as if it were someone naljepio. We called Ian Thorpe.

Hof at 00:30 caught another ljuskaša of 9100 and by morning there was nothing going on but one of 3,200 who came to Matjaz rods.


Carp Lake - Lake SlivniškoWhen dawn broke I started to agree that they can put away supplies. How to hunt closer distances I opted for the Carp systema Flatliner pear than 90 grams of lead in combination with lead core. Leaders have agreed the Sufixovog "Super Skin" with Gamakatsu "Specialist hook 2 for one rod and flourcarbona namesake company and Gamaktsu" Super hook "hook No.6 for another stick. When all was throw back a complex with PVA sticks and go back to sleep brolly. By the afternoon he got one Matjaz small fish Hof and I either meal. How do here is really a lot of fish we decided to eat heavier and twice a day. Around the afternoon, we continued to feed and enjoy the beautiful nature expecting meal.

About 16 hours getting the first meal for two 18mm tutti frutti boilies special and soon ljuskaš finished out of 2.600kg. I think you're super began the first fish and the smallest immediately. I hoped that there would be only the rest of this campaign.

At 18h eat again with Melegovim Boil, R1 pellets and fewer particles than before, while Matijaz and just throw Hof "Michel Zadro" boilies and pellets. First fish after feeding gets Matjaz of 6.100kg. first fish at night I got to 22.15h, again on further feeding and again less than 2.200kg. Right after I get fish and fish of 1.900kg Hof and Matjaz of 8.800kg. So for now, Hof water with the smallest fish. That night the fish started working on their feeding sites and by the morning caught eight fish, while the worst was Hofov of 11.250kg.


Still a bit worried that I got a bite all night and morning, but around 10:30 am finally getting a fish. Although still small by 2.600kg back my faith in the feeding area and hope that sooner or later be restored. Almost the whole day it rained so hard that I was below deck chairs in the brolly had a trickle and his luck has not been any bites, so we had to get out of the tent. As soon as the rain stopped I got a fish of 2.400kg, and right after me and Hof of 2.200kg. How do I began to dress again, we had to hurry with feeding. Today, we just threw hot hemp and whole boilies. How do I do now catch all the small fish have increased the size of the bait. For further feeding, I put two dvadesetka flame-shelfish the bottom, and the closer snowmen of tutti frutti Special dvadesetka and my pop-up eighteen. The first meal and the night before I get on further feeding, fish a little better than before ljuskaša of 4.900kg. After I get a nice Hof ljuskaša of 10.500kg, followed by Matijaz hunted in a series of four fish of 4.200kg and 7.700kg per hour. Until one morning the Hof got one fish and I had a otkvačivanje. How I got all the fish feeding on further thought both throw two sticks there, but I eventually gave up, because I believed that my biggest fish to come to that left a stick along the coast.

As soon as I lay down on the recliner I heard a dull sound on my delkimu. As the terrain is very steep and wet from the rain fell over and literally skotrljao to members. But when I saw that my meal at the left pole, I immediately forgot everything. Tightens and finally feel more fish than before. Now comes Matjaž and for ten minutes usačuje beautiful ljuskaša of 7.500kg. Matjaž gets after me a fish that fought so that he had to go into the boat. After about twenty minutes outside the left again ljuskaš of 11.650kg. I could not believe that the axis of the fish caught so far not a single slug. Before we sleep each nakobrali thirty boila fell feeding and went to sleep. By dawn we only Matjaž and I got one fish.


All was quiet in the morning to 6 am when I finally entered the fish. I hunt the seven pieces of which two were Koia within three hours. Although all were fish up to 6.100kg I was pleased, because I finally caught that carp and I believed that it must come some larger.

Although the Super went after this whole day is not nothing going on at our feeding stations. So I drove all day with the boat and sonirao lake for some of the future of fishing.

Carp Lake - Lake SlivniškoIn the evening a little more abundantly fed on a feeding while I tossed closer than twenty boila and 0.5kg pellets R1. The first fish was obtained in 21h and Matjaz to midnight is not nothing happening when zapištao Hofovom indicator on the right stick. Immediately see that the big fish so we immediately jumped into the boat and headed for her not to lose at some branches. Although the fish was the most contentious to date and she ended up in the mat.

When we looked we saw a fish that is not ljuskaš than golac and even the most difficult fish to date Hof began to roar like Tarzan, and soon after him and Matjaz. In the first moment we just did not understand, but I soon Matjaz explained that these here are very rare and that the slugs were caught over 10kg can be counted on the fingers. After that we all urlikali of luck. After the fish are and Matjaz Hof to 4:30 pm caught seven fish between 5 and 7.700kg. For me nothing was happening until 4:50 pm when I caught one of 7.550kg ljuskaša on further feeding. As soon as I gave the fish usačio "some information about them is delkim the left stick. Fish we soon entered the bush, but somehow manage to get the drill continues. Soon comes Matjaž and put fish in the carp sack pads and takes tray in hand. As this fish fought the strongest so far for a reason I thought it was the biggest though is not what they lack. Ten minutes later the fish was finally approached the coast and soon Matjaz usačuje. Beautiful long ljuskaš which we estimate at about 10-odd kg was lying peacefully in the mat.


Like yesterday morning the fish and I went up to 8:30 am I caught five fish up to 7.500kg and one we are unhooked. In Hofa is not nothing going on, and Matjaz caught one of 5.90kg. During the day, nothing happened so I again went by boat to explore the lake. In one bay above us, where I thought the first hunt, she entered a large amount of fish most likely due to spawning. I knew immediately that I'll be there last night to move there just did not know if I'll leave one stick at the current feeding. Eventually, Matjaz decided to move with both the stick, I only one, and Hof is a single stick shook the Matjaževo feeding.

Carp Lake - Lake SlivniškoMy bivvy took Matjaž, because he would sleep in a new place while I will put that last night in a tent with Hofom. As soon as we made new feedlots throw back. The moment I received the plastic to put the hanger, plastic once we pass through your fingers. In the first moment I was confused but immediately stretched in disbelief watching bent rod. Matjaz was not clear what is going on but soon come with washers and usačuje beautiful ljuskaša larger than average fish I caught. I was very pleased when the scales showed 7.100kg for the first fish to feeding. I believed that this is a good sign and hoped to get it tonight, what the fish want.

Although very Thursday afternoon caught two fish on further feeding the rest I tossed the stick feeding along the coast.

At 22:15 h, while we ate Listed reciver monotonous sound, the leap from the chair and run through the woods to the road first, and then by road to the sticks. About fifty meters before the bars I see the white light of my delkim that beeps. Dotrčavam to bars, stretched, and finally what happens I've been waiting since the start of fishing. I fish at the first drought draws some twenty feet of nylon. And slowly moving to the right, after a few moments of "run" and the Matjažovim sticks, and he dotrčava soon. Although it has been for about ten minutes from the fish meal is still neda coast. Suddenly I felt that my nylon passes through the trees, prištopavam solenoid hand and manage to forcibly pull the fish out. After that, I manage to draw closer to the coast where we again enter into a bush and out of it but manage to pull it.

When I have thought it to be over once the fish is headed powerfully towards the left branches of the coast which is in the water. I did not want to force it too much, but when I felt the branches of the nylon did not have more choices. I received a solenoid arm, "Powermesh" are bent to the limit and all of a sudden shoot 0.38mm nylon, which is probably already damaged by previous passage through the trees.

When I was ready to cry as I looked straight rod that is until a few minutes was bent to the limit. I'm waiting for this fish five days and finally when she came to me burst nylon. Matjaz is your fish of 10.400kg pulled and left to paint in the morning. Tie leadcore new system, I put two proven Meleg plum-shelfish osemnaestice and throw back. When we all returned to camp again Matjaž gets grits and running back. This time is finally a real fish, ljuskaš of 14.750kg, and came to the boil Zadravecovu "Crazy Fish". Around 0:30 pm I get a fish from 9kg, and shortly after Matjaz one of 11.200kg. About 2 hours all three of us caught one fish, and I'm on a stick along the beautiful long veleljuskavog caught carp. So I caught him with all types of carp in the lake but fish over 10kg but it does not matter because these fish have again good will.

Suddenly we hear Matjaz shouting from the neighboring town that he helps run the sačenja fish. As soon as we arrived we saw that these are the herds, fish and Hof takes mat in hand. As the drill has already lasted longer Matjaz fish quickly brings up the wrist and Hof is the delight of usačuje. Finally we are lucky bow and wonderful sansculotte over 15kg was lying motionless in the mat. When we calmed down for joy and remove the fish to the mat they saw that they were well known to fish or "Homat. That the slug Hof and Matjaz caught several times and had given him and named Homat. Fish is like the last two came on two dvadesetka "Crazy Fish". Preparing a fish for taking in the morning and go to sleep satisfied.

By morning, we caught ten fish, but any more than 10kg. On the morning after I had started painting things packed for the return home.

I intend to remain until Saturday, but due to commitments to faxu had to get back the day before. Although I have not caught a fish as I wanted to go back home happy because I have long been hunted to such a beautiful and challenging water. I recommend everyone to visit this lake, fishing destination because these are really rare. Bistro and see you maybe on the Slivnica.

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