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Carp Lake - Lika River (Lake Kruščica)

Miracle of Lika

Carp Lake - Lake Kruščica - LandscapeWelcomed. Here's quick to tell you a fishing adventure in which I odlovio 10.mjesecu the wonderful Rjeka Leakey. As I was one time this year, already hunted on this water and I know that is very Težka and that you know chub totally broken, I have now decided to go in the 10th month and with totally different fishing taktiko.U first 4 nights I got over 60 chub and three small carp and last night the first of Licko Divjaka full 13.5 pounds and now I just had in my head, this time over 15 + AN and it is. The first time I took with it about 20 pounds Boyle, 20mm-24mm, a couple pounds Tiger and little shoes and of course pelete.I when I pull crto last day I saw that I was totally wrong tactics and to me for food killed and tiny white fish This time I decided to take with you 20kila 24mm Boyle which were based on bird food and 20kila 30mm Boyle, which were the fish mix, 10 pounds of black Taiger nuts.

Here he quickly came to my day to go to Lika and fast course in the morning jump is another bed and I agree all the necessary things in the Car and drinks to Gospic. Of course driving through Slovenia fast we go and when I arrived in Croatia on avtoput took me more weak 2-hour drive and I come to Gospic. There are getting to Licko Matador John (Supro), which tells me wherein have a bad time in my head only to have it before I come to pozicije.I course it took us a couple of hours to repair all the obligations (permits, all necessary information on the water and perhaps a few pieces of brandy) and now we are ready.

Carp Lake - Lake KruščicaWhen we sat in a bar tells me that John might not be what is cooled down to 0 degrees and the information we will have snow and soon whole week north. John drive me to the position and we were driving safely for more than half an hour when I saw ahead a large mass of water, and now I knew: this is the mother of Krusica and never in my life I have not seen such a nature. It took me safely over an hour that I rastovori cjelu goods and inflated boat, and now I was ready to me John with his boat and pentu of 5 horses dragged to the mouth of the lake and then take us for another 20 minutes we arrived at the position . When we arrived at the position I knew that I would be one of težjih fishing and not so upon successful. The position seemed to me that everything is a little higher toward the water, the water I was 25 meters and 15 meters of mud that you see today when I close my eyes, a large mass scale and in front of me Lika who is there by chance was about 200m wide.

Carp Lake - Lake Kruščica - Gašper holds carpWhen I was about to camp I knew that we are not in a hurry and that you should take the time you can search for water and in front of me I had 6 more nights-so that's it. I jump into the boat and počnjem with soniranjem and set colors Kdje I hunt. I had a pitch that we all fell slowly over to nekdje 13 meters and then there were two too many one-on-15 and the second to 18.5 meters and only a few meters naprjed was a nut that was over 30 meters deep. Omenjene stick laying in position, with a kilo of hard feed Boyle on a large area and now we are just left to relax and enjoy nature as much as Mogoče. And when I told John in the pub that all the fish got into the night and I was hoping that this night may be what happens. The day we go fast and late to squeeze into the tent and it was not long when I fell into dreams. Nekdje late at night I wake up and hear carp leaping out of the water and now I hope that before the morning may be the action. And when I wake up ujuto and I see that there was no activity of carp around my hook and I knew that the carp were there it was not anything clearly. It's been about 2 hours when I got up and suddenly I heard pipipipipip ... and weak after half an hour I have on the bank of first Licko dviljaka of Champagne for the past 14 pounds. I save it in the CAR and not prošlao few minutes and ran again and now the fight was much stronger because now I jump into the boat and slowly pump ribo. It has been safely half an hour from when I took the bait fish and still have not seen yet and when I looked I knew that talking about the savage certainly 15 + pounds and after a couple of escaped kratih still get the sak. On the bank balance says 16.20 kg of adrenaline in me was immediately poslikam both two fish and let jih back to his kingdom. Until I get dinner for 2 to both fish and two over 10 pounds. I wondered how ative consequences 3 nights I did not have grits, and the day I had every day for about 5 than that induced on the ljepe fish.

Carp Lake - Lake KruščicaFourth day bring me some real catastrophe, the night was falling snow, water me down for a good five meters a day 7 meals of which 4 carried out and I lost three fish and I know I lost a nice fish (merely lead core on the rocks) and I was a little sad, and when he came to John posvari me that this is purely normal and may give a head mount and head naprjed. Now it began to rain and strong north wind and I knew that it was not quite right and had hoped that this night may get the grits. I go into the boat, the rain falls and who crazy with you take a stick and looking for a new position, and when I found I let the lure of some 15m and feed with 1.5 pounds Boyle and thus make the two more. When I made all that I went into the tent and the retraining and crawled in Spalko and did not take long that I fell into dreams. Outside heavy rain was falling and I'm sleeping bear who wakes me up and when the sound of my delkim I thought it was morning and she was initiativ about 22h and the first evening meal at night.

Carp Lake - Lake Kruščica - Gašper holds big carpRun was so strong that I could not stop and when I jumped into the boat I knew that there must be a big fish. Fish we pulled safely 40metera nylon and still neda a half hour at which I looked zanemarjanja Prvič fish and I knew immediately that's just not odkači. Fish we made a lot of long wounds and when I still got the backing I knew there was a savage about 20 pounds and more than a meter long. When I came to weigh and measure the coast of ribo and when we scale shows 20.15 kg mjetar 105 + cm whole I am in shock and I still do not know what I caught. Save fish for Jutranje imaging and night I get another beautiful savages of 17.20 kg. In the morning when he reached John poslikamo fish, I tell him everything and I still am totally in shock and still do not know what I caught. Quickly open a beer and now we have time to tell Jim zgodba and everything that happen to me last night.

Carp Lake - Lake KruščicaRain is falling who crazy in my tent and mud to the knees and now I'm just praying that the rain god prestaane. During the day I get 3 more fish and the rain kept falling. I am sitting in a tent and just have in your head when all this will stop the prognosis was not good. As I got the first two night fish night and both of the two major I was hoping that maybe the fish we eat and the night began. A night passes brez akcijei and when I delkim reawakening in the morning I knew it would be my last ran as the rain stopped and I had a chance to agree the camp and to finish this crazy Campania. So I finished the Campania of 6 days and I think we got up to ujek in my head and I'm sure every year wherein at least one time odlovit this beautiful water. At the end when I pulled the line I had the top fish 20.15 kg, 17.20 kg and 16.20 kg and another 10 fish over 10 pounds and I only 3 olovio chub, what I think of this water a phenomenal result. I used a stick baits Star Vertigo 3.9 m -3.5 lb Sufix nylon 0.40 mm lead corom from Fox that I put a safety latch and lead (extra heavy 180gr) of Carp System and the system I used Qusilver hooks and 45lb Fox 2 (ssbp) that we have a great show and great local alleges bait. At the end you have to try a word once and surely you will not regret!

Gašper Nahtigal

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