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Lake Garaši

Fishing Lake - Lake Garaši - LandscapeGaraši reservoir was created in 1976. , Raising 400m long earthen dam , which was built in the water- Grip Bukuljice River basin and its four tributaries . At maximum level, has an area of 75ha and then accumulates about 6.5 million m3 of water, which is used for water vac and surrounding smaller places . With an average depth of 8.5 m and a maximum of 26m , belongs to the middle of deep reservoirs. The lake has an interesting geographical location , it is situated on the border between the Pannonian Plain and the mountains of central Serbia . It also has a specific micro climate , which is characterized by average temperatures by 3 - 5oC lower than the environment , as well as extremely high barometric pressure , which in the days of anticyclones could reach 1060mbar . at an altitude of only 300 meters . There is also a boundary košavskog areas, except kosava which is most common in autumn and winter , is dominated by the southwest wind, which is interesting for Carp , because it usually brings a good catch and fall of the barometer . The shores of the lake are very jagged , with three great tributaries and numerous small coves and bays , making very reminiscent of the famous French accumulation St . Casien . The bottom is full of specific structures . Alternating hard plateaus of stone , clay and sand, with large areas of mud . Everywhere there are large sandbanks and gullies , which occurred before the action of erosion, flooding the land . The central part has a lot Brezina where depth suddenly drops to 4- 5m , so no detailed marking field we can not expect success in fishing.

Fishing Lake - Lake Garaši - FishermanThe lake was first stocked with carp in 1978. when a group of local enthusiasts released 15 pairs of carp nut . Systemic restocking was carried out in the period since 1981. the 2008th when the ordinance of the competent ministry banned carp stocking in reservoirs used for water supply . Carp sporadically spawning peaks in the backwaters, but very few individuals manage to survive , probably thanks to the many predators and antagonih species that consume fish eggs and larvae . At present the lake naked , veleljuskavi and scaly carp pond , and the right river vretenaši , originating from the Tisa and Tamis rivers . Despite solid fish stocks , Garaši apply to heavy water . In addition to great fishing pressure that contributes to the habits of fish that spends a good part of the year in the middle and surface layers of water above a sunken tree , where it is impossible to catch because the use of a boat is not allowed. Carp fishing season begins after the close season ( 01.06.) And runs through December. Peak periods for hunting the month except June and first two weeks of June , when the great work tops backwaters and shallows , firing positions are located in the central parts of the lake where the relief is more pronounced and the bottom where most of karst and aquatic vegetation .

Fishing Lake - Lake Garaši - CarpCarp mainly hunts shovel method , the fed places. Favorite bait is still the old boiled corn , which at certain times gives good results . Until two years ago, dense populations cverglana seemed to hunt for boilies practically impossible , but after the rehabilitation catch small drums situation is now much better . Can successfully hunt each nutritionally balanced boilie from 18mm bar but often you need to use larger to avoid the invasion of the big white fish . On the sweet bait with fruit flavors gladly heal klenovi heavy and up to 2kg , while meat and spice boilies , especially in the fall , taking capital bream , and then the only thing left to increasing the hooks and bait to try to shake off attack . Garaši is rich with natural food in the form of fish, shellfish and aquatic snails , which kapitalci very happy to eat in a short time is progressing very well . Fishing Lake - Lake Garaši - BayIt has already caught ten fish weighing over 20kg and a lot of pieces of 10 - 20kg . Lake managed " Ekoribarstvo " Ltd. Valjevo , with whom Aranđelovački USR " Bukulja " has a solid collaboration. The ultimate aim of which tend Aranđelovački anglers to Garaši become rich water from the system catch & release , which will gather prominent Carp in the region and the world. So far, the garages, but fishermen paddled from Russia , Austria, Germany , Sweden, the Czech Republic and the countries of the region , who did not hide their excitement and beauty of the water environment and promised to come again .

Đorđe Stanić

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