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Modern Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing - fishing rods on the rainModern carp fishing attracts an increasing army of fishermen lately that spends more and more hours, even days outdoors outwitting with water fox. The whole range of fishing and camping equipment, clothes, footwear, different helping devices, as well as first-class tools can make this stay outdoors possible and more pleasant. However, it’s not this whole range of "space" equipment that makes up modern carp fishing but a progressive idea of spearing a life of the appreciated opponent and partner in this never-ending game that’s becoming an obsession to an increasing number of fishermen.

Carp Fishing - Lake BledThe catch and release idea doesn’t only influence the fish fund. It gives a new, sports sense to fishing, raising it to a higher level.

In light of the above we appeal to you - spear a fish’s life!

This is especially related to capital specimens, which are national treasure and should be protected because they can bring pleasure to someone else, even to you again and surely to your children. Modern carp fishing has enormous tourism potential because an army of carp fishermen would spear no kilometers or money searching for capital specimen.

Serbian Carp Federation’s slogan tells it like it is:

Catch - for pleasure
Take a picture – for memory
Release – for the future

When it comes to modern carp fishing, one thing is for sure:
Beautiful photographs lasts much longer than the feeling of the full stomach.

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