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Carp Fishing Tips - Tips for more successful fishing

Flavors in Carp Fishing

I noticed from conversations with many colleagues carp to just anyone is not entirely clear as to flavor, and what scents they smell it supports and how they differ and when and why to use it.

Carp Fishing Tips - BoilesThe smell is what you feel Sense of smell, and use them to decide whether the fish gave a signal that is somewhere at the bottom of that food. our baits or have aroused interest in them. Sense of taste flavor feel only when you put something in your mouth. I noticed that a lot of confused people, because we are many complained that the bottle they bought and that they thought that, for example. Strawberry has remotely taste like strawberries but rather a terribly bitter taste is kind of impossible to keep in place or do not have any taste.

This happens because the language and putting more fluid smell, but the taste of the medium on which the scent created. The choice of carrier scent to me is as important as the selection of fragrances that we use. In it I realized many times when I was hunting with a completely identical Boil in one feeding, and only a different carrier (glycerol and EA) and the smell was the same. We must be aware of the conditions that lead and how to spread our scent there. There must be some liquid ie. carrier on which he might spread and thus encourage the fish to take our bait.

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One, But Valuable

Fishing Tactics boil without a single recharge is for me the most challenging of all the tactics. For it is necessary to have extensive knowledge in various aspects of carp fishing and very good knowledge of water where you intend to hunt. But the biggest problem is not to catch fish, but be filled with water Ribic where regular food and thrown only three of his stick with a single bait fish, and so three days, believe me it is a big problem. So to start I suggest that you begin to hunt like a stick with one of three allowed. A couple of years like this tactic going on in my head and I often went to the water in order to try it, but somehow in the end, no matter dal caught fish or not, I took a spod or a cobra in his hand and fed. But when the issue is resolved with yourself and you ignore the dal someone next to you will catch more fish and how much food this is definitely one of the best tactics to catch big fish.

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Long Cast - a choice of the World Champion

The World cup is over. When I was a child, every kid who kicked a football on the streets of my home town yelled: "Piksiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" Today, some other kids kick the ball, and their heroes are some other people. Slobbery kid with mussed up hair, barely bigger than football, kicks Jabulani on the wall in front of the shop. And yells: "David Viljaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" The times have changed. Heroes changed passports.

carp lead - Long CastLong Cast lead. You wonder what it has to do with fishing. Well it has. Some things that we use in our hobby don’t have the alternative, but there are some small, homemade fishing objects, which are, at least, as good, maybe even better than all made in UK companies, with bombastic names. This text is dedicated to one of such products, better than all import ones, made by domestic hands and which is being copied!!! We import everything. Things we need and things we don’t need. We don’t appreciate domestic and we complain how the things don’t work out for us. Well, when the vein on the kid’s neck becomes swollen because of yelling Krasić’s name, only then we will move from the dead spot. I looked at some of my old pictures recently. Romania, 2003. I look at my equipment. Everything changed several times. Actually, almost everything.

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Fluoro-carbon Stiff rig system

carp fishing tips - fluoro-carbon stiff rig systemIntended for fishing cautious fish in extremely clear water. Stiff link with a hook disables easy ejecting from the mouth, while fluoro-carbon material makes hook link almost invisible.

Tie a hair made of soft braided line on the chosen hook, which will give a bait necessary freedom.

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carp fishing tips - MarkingMarking presents the most important part of good fishing, because our estimation and choice of place depend on it. A quality underwater map of the place we want to fish on can bring us much better results than just good baits, because there’s no use to feed the place without any knowledge about the configuration of the ground in front of us. With good baits and marked ground we increase possibilities for great fishing. As using small boats and depth sounders on most waters are forbidden, this is the only way to get information about the ground where we plan to fish. It’s not possible to learn this technique fast, you have to learn and improve it constantly, as well as fishing. In the last three years I’ve invested a lot of time in marking because the ability of quality marking shows the best in competitions, and, as far as I’m concerned, it is crucial for good standing.

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