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Carp System

sport fisherman - Bojan & Sirko...Beginnings of our interest in fishing date back to our earliest childhood. At first, fishing was a hobby, later on a passion, even obsession. Today, sport fishing is our life! Our aim in life was to unite business with things we like, so we founded fishing equipment store and later manufacturing of systems and leads for modern carp fishing - program known as CARP SYSTEM. Our main goal is ultimate quality, also nature protection and preservation of the fish population. Being anglers ourselves, we can understand your needs and wishes completely. Our direction in future is improved quality and many new products. We can follow it together...

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We represent you a NASH DOT Spod

DOT Spod is based on one hand manipulation, rising fishermen’s comfort on a higher level. Opening of the device causes an impact on water surface, rising the opening percentage radically. DOT Spod is 100% antitangle.
Enjoy our product!

nash-dot-spod nash-dot-spod-on-grass

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The title lives here

7th title at Serbian championship

Carp System fishing team

Members: Bojan Bojanić (cap.), Kristijan Selih, Zoran Gardinovački i Ivica Mihajlović.

Državno Prvenstvo Srbije u lovu šarana 2018 god.

Državno Prvenstvo Srbije u lovu šarana 2018 god.

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New award for DOT Spod

WIPO award

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The Underwater Cutter

We represent you a new Carp System tool - The Underwater Cutter :

The Underwater Cutter can save your day or fishing competition, and the most important fish lives.

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No more lies !

Dear fishermen,

As we have told you earlier, our product, Dot Spod, is NOT infringing any of the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Spomb has. Now I can send you a proof regarding their patent WO 2013/153367 versus Dot Spod patented product.

no-more-lies no-more-lies

We inform you that EPO (European Patent Office), the most competent patent authority in Europe acting as ISA, has identified D1; WO 2013/153367 (Houghton Bryan, Gery) to be of category A. Down on the same page, (Picture 1) of the search report, there is an explanation what category A means. I refer: "A" documents is defining the general state of the art which is not considered to be of particular relevance. In plain language it means that the product of Spomb is not even close to our product. They are completely different solutions to the same task of dispensing fish bite.

Picture 2 says that all 11 claims of DOT have novelty, inventive steps and industrial applicability.

The analysis of the inventive step of the DOT Spod bait dispenser clearly indicates that Carp System is not infringing the patented Spomb bait dispenser.

This whole report is clearly indicates that DOT Spod is unique.

The Device of tomorrow that improves all existing solutions and speeds up the handling.

We also remind you that we have previously published a document that our GRANTED industrial design has also been approved through a WIPO organization that examines the novelty of design.

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DOT SPOD advantages


Lake Garaši

Fishing Lake - Lake Garaši - LandscapeGaraši reservoir was created in 1976. , Raising 400m long earthen dam , which was built in the water- Grip Bukuljice River basin and its four tributaries . At maximum level, has an area of 75ha and then accumulates about 6.5 million m3 of water, which is used for water vac and surrounding smaller places . With an average depth of 8.5 m and a maximum of 26m , belongs to the middle of deep reservoirs. The lake has an interesting geographical location , it is situated on the border between the Pannonian Plain and the mountains of central Serbia . It also has a specific micro climate , which is characterized by average temperatures by 3 - 5oC lower than the environment , as well as extremely high barometric pressure , which in the days of anticyclones could reach 1060mbar . at an altitude of only 300 meters . There is also a boundary košavskog areas, except kosava which is most common in autumn and winter , is dominated by the southwest wind, which is interesting for Carp , because it usually brings a good catch and fall of the barometer . The shores of the lake are very jagged , with three great tributaries and numerous small coves and bays , making very reminiscent of the famous French accumulation St . Casien.

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